We help you think through the small details and logistics about using our space. Click the button below to download our reminder list.



Everything of yours that has been brought into Mopac, including trash, needs to be removed from the venue. 



Bring trash bags! We recommend bringing contractor bags as they fit our garbage cans and are the sturdiest. 

You are responsible for ensuring that all garbage (food, flowers, decorations, bar items, etc.) is removed from Mopac and disposing of it in the on-site dumpster. 



Remind your caterers to bring trash bags and take care of any garbage they generate. 



Please make sure that your bartenders bring their TABC licenses with them when they are serving alcohol.

Mopac DOES NOT provide any items to stock your bar. Please bring all items necessary for your beverage service including cups, napkins, ice, coolers, bar mats, etc. 



If you are bringing any rentals on-site, they need to be picked up that night. Nothing can be left in the venue overnight.